9. Viewing the Activity Summary & Graphs on the Mobile App

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1. After your workout, when you connect the Frontier X device to your mobile app, it will automatically prompt you to sync the data to the phone. If this automatic prompt does not appear, go to “Settings” in the right-bottom corner of the app and select “Get Activity Summary”.

2. Once the syncing process starts, you will need to wait 10 to 15 seconds for data to be saved onto your phone. Once the sync is complete, you will be redirected to the History page.

3. On the History page, you will be able to view summaries of all of your recorded workouts.

4. When you click on a particular workout, it will show you the "Activity Summary" of that particular workout.

Note: The section labelled "insights" may be empty if you haven't synced your data from the Frontier X to the Cloud. To sync your data, refer to Syncing Data from the Frontier X to the Cloud.

5. To view the timeline graph, click on the red “Graph” button below the average values of the metrics. This will open up the detailed graph of your workout, where you can switch between tabs to see how the different parameters varied over time, or compare them in the “Comparison” view.

6. Enable the alerts checkbox in the top right corner to view the alerts you received during your workout. Click on the “info” icon in the top right corner to learn about the different types of alerts.

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