6. Recording a workout + Continuous 24hr ECG recording

Fourth Frontier

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The Frontier X2 can record data continuously for up to 24 hours on a full charge. This includes recording your Continuous ECG, which you can view after completing your activity and syncing your data to the Web Dashboard

Note: To view your ECG in real-time for up to 1 hour please follow the steps listed in Article 10: "Live Streaming your ECG".

If you are working out without your smartphone or smartwatch, follow the steps below to quick start your activity recording directly on the Frontier X2 device:

1. Simply double-press the blue button on your Frontier X2 device to start. You will feel a buzz, then the display on your Frontier X2 will read “Recording Started.” Your Frontier X2 will blink red when it is recording.

2. To stop recording, double press the blue button and you will feel another buzz. The display will show the words “Recording Ended”. The red blinking light will now stop.

Note: Carrying your Smartphone while the Frontier X app is connected to the device will allow you to view your Frontier X2 data in real-time, as well as collect GPS data during outdoor activities. 

If you are working out with your smartphone or smartwatch, you can also start a recording on the external device:

1. Connect your Frontier X2 to the app on your smartphone or smartwatch. A successful connection will be indicated by a blinking green light on the device.

2. In the Fourth Frontier app, navigate to the "Activity" page. There you can choose your activity type, and set your vibration alerts. Once that is done, press the “Start Activity” button. The device will buzz you to confirm that the recording has started.

3. To stop the recording, go to the "Current Workout" page, and click on the red "Stop" button. The device will buzz you to confirm that the recording has stopped, and the LED on top of the Frontier X2 will stop blinking red, and start blinking green instead.

Note: You can record a session on the Frontier X2 with or without transferring the data on it to the mobile app or the cloud as long as the memory on your Frontier X2 is not full. However, to view workout summaries on the app or to view the detailed web report, you would need to transfer the data on your device.

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