15. Connecting the Frontier X/X2 as an HRM to an External Device

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- The heart rate will now update on external Heart Rate Monitors every 2 seconds.

- The Frontier X2 can now connect to 1 Frontier X App & up to 2 external devices at the same time.

Note: The external device needs to be equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology to be able to connect to the Frontier X/X2.The Frontier X does not support ANT+ devices, and certain models of Polar and Wahoo (due to firmware changes on their end)

1. Click the button on your Frontier X/X2 to wake it from sleep. You will see a blue light blinking on top of the Frontier X/X2 if it is ready to pair. If a green light is blinking, disconnect the Frontier X/X2 from the device it is paired with to connect with your external device.

2. Go to the External Heart Rate Monitor section on your third-party device, as you would to connect any other external HRM. 

3. Please ensure that the Frontier X/X2 is blinking blue while your third-party device searches for other external HRM's. This signifies that the Frontier X/X2 is ready to pair.

4. Once connected, your Frontier X/X2 will start blinking green.

5. Scroll through the options until you find "External Heart Rate Monitor" and select it.

6. Your third-party device will search for the Frontier X/X2. At this point, please check for the blue light on the Frontier X to ensure it is ready to pair. 

7. Select your Frontier X/X2 on the screen once it appears. Your Frontier X/X2 will blink green once it is connected.

8. Once connected, double-click the blue button (in quick succession) on the Frontier X/X2 to start the recording on the Frontier X/X2. After this, you will feel a buzz and see that it blinks red every few seconds.

9 (A). Then, if needed, start an activity on your third-party device and the Heart Rate recorded and transmitted from the Frontier X/X2 will show up after a few seconds.

9 (B). If not needed, the Heart Rate recorded and transmitted from the Frontier X/X2 will show up after a few seconds automatically.

Using the Frontier X/X2 with a Garmin Watch:

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