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Training Load is a measurement of the total amount of exertion experienced by your body in any particular workout.

Since the Frontier X2 can be used during any sporting activity, you can also understand the demand on your body from different exercises like cycling, running, swimming and playing tennis in the same week.

Frontier X2 measures Training Load using breathing rate as an indicator of exertion, to accurately track the demand on your body from each workout. For every minute spent between 25 to 30 breaths per minute, you get 3 points, for every minute spent between 30 to 35 breaths per minute, you get 4 points, and so on, until 10 points for every minute spent above 60 breaths per minute. The base goal of 750 points for Training Load in a week, assumes that you should be spending 150 mins or more in the medium intensity (35-40 breaths per minute) zone, as per the WHO recommendation on weekly exercise.

Using your Training Load history, the App provides you with weekly goals to make sure you keep improving your performance and sets an upper limit so that you don't over-train or injure yourself. For example, your Training Load computation will tell you whether to do a long easy ride or short tempo run on Sunday to achieve your training goals.

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