How do I update my Frontier X/X2 to have the latest firmware?

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If there is a new version of the Firmware available on our server, the Firmware will automatically be updated when you connect your device to the app (assuming that no recording is taking place at that time).

In case this does not occur, and you need to manually update the Firmware:

1. First, make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet. In addition, make sure that the Fourth Frontier app is connected to your Frontier X2 via Bluetooth.

2. Place your Frontier X2 device and your smartphone next to each other.

3. Go to the settings page on your Fourth Frontier app and select “Upgrade Firmware”.

4. Wait for the progress bar to fill completely. Once this is done, the device will reset automatically. This reset is indicated by a series of flashing lights and a final buzz. The lights should flash in the following order: blue, red, green, blue, and then the final buzz.

5. Your Frontier X2 should reset and reconnect automatically to the Fourth Frontier app.

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